Becoming a parent is a really strange feeling. It’s that responsibility for another human being that I found really hard to get my head round. So when I was asked about immunisations or signing a consent form, it felt very weird. I’d only ever had to think about myself and make decisions for me!

That feeling of ‘does this feel right’ or ‘am I reacting in the right way’ has cropped up many times over the years as a parent. From daft little things like do I ‘give in’ when they’re having a massive tantrum for chocolate in Tesco! To what do I say when when they’re 13yr and want to go out to a party until 10pm and ‘everyone else’s mum is letting them go’!!

I suppose what I’m saying is that as parents; we don’t have to have all the answers,  we don’t get it right every time,  we say one thing and then change our mind,  we’re inconsistent,  we learn as we go along ….. because we’re not perfect and neither are our children. We’re human, with emotions and feelings that  play apart in the decisions we make. Sometimes we know when something just doesn’t sit well with us and we make our decision based on that, not what everyone else thinks or does …. and that is instinct!

Being a mum doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, it’s a voyage of discovery. A journey that you are on with your child (and every child is a different journey) and together you find a way not to rock the boat too much!

You will definitely hit stormy weather (think 4 month sleep regression, toddler tantrums, teenage sulking) that you think you won’t survive but you cling on in those times and make sure you have your life-jacket on (self-care activities).  But you have loads of calm waters ahead of you too where everyone steers in the same direction.

In time they go off on their own ‘boats’ for adventures (with the same stormy waters and calm seas) but they know that they can come back to you at anytime – you will always be there – they know they’re loved unconditionally by their imperfect mum and they know there’s always a safe place!

What do you think?

Has life felt like you’re navigating stormy seas at times?