2020 has been sh*t hasn’t it!

Stuck at home, no holidays abroad, no nights out, no chance to hug a friend, no meeting up in each other’s houses, worrying about elderly relatives, angry with the government, fear of getting too close to people in shops, stress of trying to book on a baby class, darker days, winter and a digital Christmas!


However, taking time away from external stressors and ‘switching-off’ the constant barrage of news is crucial for our mental health because only then we can truly appreciate what we have in our lives that we are grateful for.

But we do need to consider that things aren’t going to be back to ‘normal’ in the foreseeable future. Therefore how can we keep positive and support each other as we move forward?


The idea of starting Chatty Mums Club, a new private Facebook group for mums anywhere in the UK and beyond to join, came about from a text sent to me by a mummy who joined the online classes.

“Morale is low at the moment and the prospect of winter indoors with a baby is quite scary and I suddenly feel lonely despite the fact I love spending time with my baby. I’m really craving social interaction and although I’m attending classes F2F again, there is no opportunity to really talk to other mums due to the regulations. I attend an online class and the instructor leaves the mums in the group to chat for 10-15mins at the end – it’s really nice to get to know people. I was meeting up with other mums for walks but this now is against the rules so we can’t do it.

I suppose what I’m saying is that there are lots of options for the babies in terms of online and F2F classes, but very little that supports mums directly. I’m now very aware that I need to look after myself to get through the months ahead”


So Chatty Mums Club is for YOU for as long as you need it!

For just £16 per month (and you can cancel at any time) you get;

  • 3 LIVE online classes (massage, wrigglers and exercise) every week plus the recording
  • Masterclasses or ‘Meet the Expert’ from professionals that you’ll find interesting
  • Q&A with me! Eg colic, sleep, exercise etc
  • Social events; virtual coffee mornings, Gin Socials, Wine-down Weekend
  • Dads being able to chat to other dads
  • Mums chatting to other mums
  • Supportive space to ask questions, say how you’re feeling and ask for help
  • Opportunity to have Mummy-Buddies; new mum pairs up with another who is a bit further down the line!
  • Giveaways
  • Basically it’s whatever you want it to be!
  • I’m just there to curate it and ensure it’s a kind and supportive group for everyone.


To join Chatty Mums Club all you need to;

  • Search on Facebook for the group
  • Request to join and complete the 3 questions it asks
  • Set up a standing order for £16 per month (please request BACS details)
  • You will then be added into the Club!


So, maybe 2020 has been a rubbish year, but there have been lots of positives for each of us, if we only take the time to reflect and appreciate the little things.


Come on, let’s consider what has been good about 2020!

You’ve had a BABY,

Maybe daddy has been working from home/ furloughed and you’ve spent time together as a family,

You’ve been able to explore your local area and enjoy new walks,

You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, educated yourself about issues that are important,

You’ve cooked, baked and enjoyed the simple pleasure of this,

You’ve shopped local and re-evaluated the importance to supporting local independent businesses,

You’ve had day trips or holidays here in the UK and loved it,

You’ve got to know your neighbours better, chatted, offered help and received it

You’ve appreciated time with extended family for the short periods you’ve been allowed to meet up,

You’ve slowed down and cuddled, kissed, stroked, comforted, educated and nurtured for your children.



So look after yourself now, think what you need to help you through the coming months and ask for support from those around you.

You can do it; you have a 100% success rate of being the best mummy your baby could ever want