Happy Mum: Happy Baby

I help mums (and dads) feel positive, happy and healthy so they can build friendships, bond with their little ones and be active.

I’m a mum with 2 daughters and had a long career working in the NHS.

My experience of early motherhood was that it was a fairly lonely place.

There weren’t many groups around back then and any that were, were just sit, chat and eat biscuits. Don’t get me wrong, I love a shortbread but there was nothing to actually ‘do’ except try to make conversation, compare babies and plan your escape! I only went because my health visitor told me it’d be ‘good for me to meet other mums’.

As a health visitor and mental health nurse I was aware of the challenges many women face when they have a baby. I understood that it can be fraught with worry and loneliness.

Many new parents don’t have extended family close-by and therefore meeting other parents for support, forming friendships and a fun place to interact with your baby was something I felt was needed.

…. and so For Baby and Me was born!

For Baby & Me classes

My classes are aimed at supporting YOU, celebrating parenthood and an opportunity for you to have a good time with your little one.

Yes, I’m a fitness expert but I’m not a PT (I know lots of great ones though!) The reason I’m not is I’m just not that into getting you down a dress size or to peak fitness. I love working with groups and my motivation is to help you realise you can be a happy, healthy mummy, enjoy a workout with other women, push yourself or ease off, chat, laugh and share the rubbish moments as well as the wins!

For Baby & Me classes

“Claire, your classes are so lovely, such a brilliant way to meet people and get some fresh air. I remember one class walking there in floods of tears and I left so happy and excited about everything. You create a special atmosphere and I’ll be there with bells on if I have another baby!”

“I’m not great at exercise and never really enjoyed it in the past, but I can honestly say I loved every class. I know I’m the slowest and the most unfit but you made it so easy to enjoy and never made me feel like I was bad at it, which I am very grateful for. You gave me the confidence to do stuff I wouldn’t normally do, thank you so much.”

All our classes are about empowering you as you transition through parenthood. I will show you how to massage your baby, I’ll encourage you to join your toddler in the yoga poses and explain the benefits so that you feel confident and equipped to recognise their uniqueness.

But I also want to give you the opportunity to chat at the end of the class, maybe go for a coffee and relax.

“I was so nervous about starting any baby classes and not really knowing what classes to do. I plucked up the courage to go to baby massage and absolutely loved it! I rang my husband as soon as I left saying how ace it was and how you made me feel so relaxed (I get anxious about meeting new people). I have also made a friend for life after tagging on to her that first day!”

So if you’d like to know more or fancy joining us drop me a message via the website or pop over and say hi on social media, I’d love to hear from you ….