Lots of you are first time parents (or can remember what it was like!) and sometimes just getting out to a class can bring all sorts of worries, questions or just ‘am I going to fit in’ thoughts.

I want YOU to enjoy coming to class, I want you to feel relaxed and happy during the session and I want you to leave feeling that you have made connections with other mums and to tell your friends and family about it.

So, why start writing a blog?

Well, in order for you to feel comfortable and happy to come along to a For Baby and Me class it’s important that you know more about me and what I can offer.

I’m old (probably older than all of you reading this blog) and for a while I toyed with giving it all up. Feeling as though mums wouldn’t be able to identify with me, that I was too old to be a fitness instructor, I didn’t have small children and maybe just no longer credible in this industry.

I felt worried, anxious and like I ‘didn’t fit in’!

But then I realised that maybe I could just be ME, and this was my super-power: a listening ear, a reassuring support giver, your personal cheer-leader and friend….. because after all that’s what I love doing.

I have tons of experience working with families through my time as a Health Visitor in Manchester and prior to that a Mental Health Nurse. And it is this professional background and interest in theory that informs the way I work everyday.

For Baby & Me blog familyOn a personal level I’m a mum to Grace who is 26yrs, an accountant in Sheffield and Faye who is 20yrs and a Sociology student at the University of Sheffield. I also had a little boy Sam, who would now be 22yrs old, but he sadly died when he was 6 months of a congenital heart condition.

I’m married to Brad, who is a theatre nurse and a part-time joiner/ odd job man (very handy to know if you need anything doing ?).

Finally to sum up in a couple of sentences (maybe I should delete all the above!) ……

I like mums, I’ve worked with them, I know what it’s like to be one, I understand what loss feels like, I appreciate it’s hard being a new mum. But I also know the incredible highs, the absolute joy of a child’s achievements and the sense of pride in being part of their lives.

I am more than a fitness trainer,
I am more than a baby massage or toddler yoga instructor

I am Me and I’m here for YOU

I will use this blog to chat about all things baby, family and the life-changing impact of being parents and I’d LOVE it if you got involved, commented and shared.